Happy Birthday to Cesar Millan

Happy Birthday to Cesar Millan, known worldwide as “The Dog Whisperer”.  Millan was born on August 27, 1969 in Culiacan, Mexico.  He first began working with dogs while farming with his grandfather.  His goal was to become the best dog trainer in the world and to go to Hollywood, grand goals considering that he had no money and no English language skills.  He immigrated to the US, and spent a month living on the street before find a job at a dog-grooming parlor. In 1994, stars Will and Jada Pinkett Smith hired Millan to work with their dogs in exchange for English lessons.  His reputation continued to grow, eventually earning him the ultimate 21st century American blessing – an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.  Millan views himself more as a dog therapist than dog trainer.  His reality TV program is viewed in over 55 countries, with an audience of over 11 million people in the US.   In 2005, Millan received a Genesis Award commendation from the Humane Society for his work in rehabilitating of shelter animals.  (Image by DodgesMom Photography)

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