French Fleet and Spanish Money Aid the American Revolution

In the summer of 1781 – which was so crucial to the victory of the American Revolutionary War — the French war fleet positioned in the Caribbean sailed north to assist the rebels. On August 30, 1781, to the joy of General George Washington, the fleet arrived in the Chesapeake Bay.  The French were financed and supported by the Spanish, and defeated the British in the Battle of the Chesapeake Capes. (Please see September 5, 1781.)  The Spanish and French closely cooperated to provide the complete line of French warships for the Battle, with Spanish diplomats agreeing to use the Spanish Navy to protect French interests in the Caribbean.  The French navy also carried the gold and silver hard cash raised by the citizens of Havana, Cuba, that paid for the North American Army’s Siege of Yorktown. Please visit for more stories about the contribution of the Spanish and Hispanic Americans to the American Revolutionary War.

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