El Dia de Olga Tañón 1995

The Puerto Rican Senate declared November 9, 1995 as “El Dia de Olga Tañón” (Olga Tañón Day) in honor of the Grammy Award winning singer. Tañón was born in Santruce, Puerto Rico, and began her singing career performing with merengue groups.  (Merengue originated in the Dominican Republic, and is characterized by a fast 2/4 beat.  Please, not to be confused with the Macarena.)  Tañón’s husky alto voice has dazzled fans throughout the Americas and in Europe.  Tañón is also renowned for her charitable work.  In 1998, after the destruction in Puerto Rico by Hurricane Georges, Tañón and her husband rented a truck, filled it with essential supplies, and personally delivered food, clothing, and medicine to people in need.

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