California Joins the US 1850

With grand celebration, California was admitted to the US as a state on September 9, 1850, now remembered as California Admissions Day.  The area was explored by the Spanish in 1533, much to the consternation of the native American nations who were living there for thousands of years. At the end of the Mexican American war in 1848, the California territory was “ceded” to the US (or stolen by the US, depending on your point of view).  The initial entry of the now great Golden State was humble. The capital was first situated in San Jose, but the winter storms turned the roads to mud, to the dismay of the state legislature.  Fortunately, former General and State Senator Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo donated land in the future city of Vallejo for a new capital. The legislature convened there for one week in 1852 and again for a month in 1853.

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