Bartolomé Ferrelo, Spanish Explorer

On April 14, 1542, Spanish explorer and pilot Bartolomé Ferrelo and his crew landed at La Natividad, California.  Ferrelo was the pilot for Captain Juan Rodrigo Cabrillo, who was sent by the viceroy of Mexico to explore Northern California.  This expedition was the first European exploration of the West Coast.  Cabrillo died during the expedition, and Ferrelo succeeded him in command.  The crew suffered from lack of provisions, sickness, and problems with their ships, but completed their expedition. Cabrilho’s and Ferrelo’s voyages are indicated by light reddish brown and light blue on this reconstructed map compiled by the nineteenth-century German historical geographer Johann Georg Kohl, “A Map Showing the Progress of Discovery on the West Coast of the U.S. and Vancouver Island 1857”. Please visit the US Library of Congress for a view of the complete map.

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