2012 State of the Union en español

On January 24, 2012, President Barack Obama delivered the State of the Union address.  US Congressman Francisco Canseco delivered the Spanish-language Republican Address to the nation following the President’s address.  Canseco was elected in 2010 to serve the 23rd District of Texas. A native of Laredo, Canseco is the son of immigrants from Mexico. Congressman Charles A. Gonzalez, also from Texas, represented Latino Democrats with the following statement, “What the President laid out this evening was a choice– for the leaders of this country as well as the people of America. We can remain entrenched in an unproductive partisan debate or we can unite and work together on the issues necessary to create growth and prosperity. At a time when we see a shrinking middle class, our country needs to restore our values to ensure hard work pays off and that Americans can work and retire with dignity. … Latinos have so much at stake. Caucasians have 18 times more household wealth than their Hispanic peers, but we can help narrow the achievement gap by building an economy that will last for all Americans.”

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